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Advantages of Glass Backsplash

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By now, it is not a secret that glass backsplash creates a classy look in a neutral kitchen and provides a “wow” effect when seen for the first time. While decoration is a very important part of kitchen design, functionality is also key. that is why glass backsplash offers many advantages over other materials.

If you did not know about glass sheet backsplash, please catch up – it is a hot option! Backsplashes are used in European and American markets, especially in modern kitchens. They can be custom-made and printed in any color of your choice and mounted on the wall. This method provides an entirely tailored appearance while also being very functional.

Glass is used extensively in modern kitchen layouts, not only because of the beauty it offers but also because of its benefits over ordinary materials. Read about some of the features and advantages of glass backsplash:

Design and Colors

One exceptional feature of glass backsplash is every design and color stays in its original condition. Bellissimo Colors provides over 50 designs and color schemes to select from. Your preferred design is printed on the rear of transparent glass, preventing the design from peeling or chipping.

Installation and Application

The modern kitchen is the perfect place for glass backsplash. The glass is a smooth sheet  – always clean and shiny. They can be applied on top of any surface as long as it is flat, no demolition required. And installations are quick and easy and can happen in less than an hour!

Available in All Sizes

Backsplash variations, designs and styles are available in custom sizes to suit your modern kitchen. You have a piece of glass cut according to your requirements and can modify the size depending on your preference.

Reflection of Light

Glass backsplashes allow you to enjoy a well-illuminated kitchen without installing advanced lighting. This is because glass illuminates and reflects light well, preventing the formation of shadows and making your kitchen naturally bright.

Comes in Different Colors

There are a variety of color choices for your glass backsplash. Bellisimo offers a template of choices, or you can create your own! The best way to do see options is by searching the type and color that fits with your kitchen color layout, and style. The back-printing technique allows durability and a lifetime of color vibrancy.

Glass is Heat Resistant

The glass sheet backsplash will always be exposed to extreme heat from stoves over time. However, the color will not fade because the backsplash material that is extremely resistant to heat and will never warp.

Glamorous and Sophisticated Appearance

Do you want a high-end and glamorous appearance in your kitchen? Then glass backsplash is your ideal choice! It does not matter if you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new one, you will never go wrong installing this backsplash. You will not only safeguard your kitchen wall, but will also be giving your home a stunning and eye-catching look.

Glass Backsplash is Easy to Maintain and Clean

The glass backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain because they are made of a flat and smooth material. It is easy to clean the surface by wiping with a wet cloth, mild detergent and buffering cloth. Cleaning is easy and very cost-effective.

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