The bathroom is the happiest place in the house. It is the first room you visit after waking up and the last one you see before going to sleep. The bathroom has the potential to make your day if it is well designed and in excellent condition. Your bathroom is the place where you let your inner diva out, sing at the top of your voice, reason with yourself, or hide for a few minutes to escape the chaos of your home. In a nutshell, you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. The bathroom is where you have your eureka moments, and thus it deserves the same attention that you give to the rest of your house. Before you start sprucing up your bathroom, consider the following design trends:

Biophilic Design for your Bathroom

Biophilic Design Bathroom

Nature lovers, you will love this new and upcoming designing trend. This trend keeps a man in touch with nature. It has been proven that staying in touch with nature increases the efficiency and productivity of an individual and has a calming effect.

An easy way to integrate nature is by keeping many plants in the bathroom. You can create a vertical garden on one of the bathroom walls and pick natural tiles to give a natural effect to your bathing space. Opt for oddly shaped sink and standalone tub to inspire natural shapes. In terms of colors, opt for soothing tones with some whites, greys, and greens.

Backsplash and Tiles

Solid Glass Bathroom Backsplash

One of the easiest ways to give a facelift to the bathroom is by experimenting with different tiles and backsplash combination. This has the potential to radically change the look of your bathroom without it being too expensive. In fact, installing the tiles and backsplash can be an excellent DIY project.

Create a theme for the bathroom and choose the tiles and backsplash accordingly. One recommended option is going with glass backsplash as it is super easy to maintain. Glass backsplash minimizes the collection of dirt as there are no grout lines here. In case some dust accumulates on the glass, it can be wiped out easy. Additionally, glass backsplash comes in various patterns, textures, and colors, so finding a backsplash that will match the tiling will be easy. For compact bathrooms, glass backsplash is the best option as glass will make the bathroom look roomier and brighter than it actually is.

Color it out

Beach Bathroom Backsplash

Colors are a great way to decorate a bathroom and express yourself. You can choose a combination of complementary or contrasting colors to brighten the bathroom. The color scheme needs to be selected, keeping in mind the kind of ambiance one wishes to create.

Light yellow and Pumpkin red are the colors for the 2020 bathroom. Seeing that both these colors are bright and bold, to integrate them, one needs to accessorize the bathroom subtly. Opt for colorful accessories instead of statement paintings or overt light fixtures.

Color schemes need not always mean painting the bathroom, you can experiment with colors even when you are installing tiles and backsplash for your bathroom.

Get Started Today!

Bathroom design and redecoration are crucial as the bathroom is the only room in your home where you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. Your day starts with a visit to the bathroom, and thus the bathroom must be designed to uplift your mood and to please you. Taking up a DIY bathroom redesign project can be an excellent motivator for you. You can consider the above trends to select a scheme for your bathroom. A bathroom designed by you for yourself will reflect your personality and make you feel content each time you visit.

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