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Florida's #1 Glass Backsplash Provider

Bellissimo Colors is the leading designer and installer of custom glass backsplash in Florida. Our professional team will work with you from ideation to installation, to ensure your full satisfaction. We custom design for private households, businesses, and sell online with free shipping.
With Bellissimo Colors, the possibilities of design are endless. Whether you prefer to choose from our 50+ unique backsplash designs or customize your glass backsplash with your own photos, Bellissimo Colors will do it for you.

Choose Your Glass Backsplash Style

Basic: Back Painted or Printed Backsplash

Elite: Under Outlet Glass Backsplash

Telegray glass backsplash upstand white kitchen

Premium: Full Wall Custom Backsplash

colorful waves on black glass backsplash
Eco Friendly Backsplash

Glass Surfaces - Impressive & Environmentally Friendly

Glass is made from sand, a natural and raw product, that will not deteriorate, break down or compromise the environment.

The back of our decorative printed glass backsplashes are finished with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coating that will protect the printed image. The printing ink and protective coating are water-based and are not solvent-based.

Our products are truly eco-friendly.


Why Choose Glass Backsplash?

  • Easy to clean
  • Makes maintenance a breeze
  • Heat resistant and tough
  • No dirty grout lines
  • Endless design options
  • Can be installed on top of any flat surface
  • Ultra reflective surface giving your space greater depth
  • Absolutely versatile for all areas

We Partner With Talented Designers and Builders in the US

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