Custom Backsplashes- Modern Commercial Bathroom Design Trends

Business owners and Architects are now starting to rethink, how to be OutFront of the ever-changing modern design trends for their commercial projects. Commercial, Bathrooms, Lobbies, and Hallways trends have always been attached to artwork. Althoughthe past innovations had been sensible, fun, and interesting. With our modern technology and decorative panels, the interior of the Bathroom, Lobby, Conference rooms, and hallways can be a functional, elegant, and very convenient to maintain. No matter if you are seeking a bathroom remodeling project, or any of the above. We want to help create something that meets your imagination; When looking to stay head of design, we can help bring your ideas to Life”

Well, end-less is just not a term. It’s real facts! There are more innovative decorating choices for baths than ever before. GLASS is on the come-back, and in the era of internet shopping, it’s made easier to get a wide range of choices for your remodeling or building projects.

Using our glass tiles or choosing glass wall panels & backsplashes could be the most attractive and profitable choice projects and will give a lifetime of benefits. Offering a wide range of colorful designs and geometric patterns can make the difference.

Our GLASS wall panels, bathroom backsplashes, or GLASS tile can be used to enhance the artistic impression of your space by creating a mirrored effect. THE LOW IRON GLASS reflective qualities also include other effects towards style such as iridescence or gradient shading. You can find them in different colors and finishes from our online shop that will match each design plan.

We offer custom high regulation images for backsplashes that offer a unique and high-class look to your bathroom. You can decorate your bathroom in different ways as well. Choosing the right colors/color are KEY for your new design project or makeover! Different sizes no problem” you can choose your custom style layout that meets your taste. With backsplash tile or seamless sheets. In addition, stone images can be used as the background color for your bathroom.

These items are getting very popular as more people find out Digital Printing On GLASS. Many people have questions about heat. Our GLASS is tempered glass that is HEAT resistant. Many benefits.

When it comes to the cost of picking out the right tile, for your new renovation or makeover, custom glass tiles like Mosaic can become very inexpensive after It’s all is done. The expense is one thing, but the grout lines are the biggest issue over time. We use an Eco-Friendly product” and that’s what clients love hear. Looking for these items on the local market can become challenging if you don’t know it’s available. We would suggest that you look at our new product lines and compare it others in the industry and then you can make the decision yourself. Should you go with custom GLASS and looking for the right designs we are your one-stop solution.

We would say that these items can be considered to be the best tile for renewing your bathroom. Each glass backsplash has a unique feature that will take your breath away. You won’t face any difficulties finding the best items for your bathroom by just using your imagination. When you think design” that’s what we do best.

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest areas of the house, but is it considered to be the reflection of your personality. We encourage you to look at what possible and not necessary. Design your bathroom with us. You can now say goodbye to GROUT LINES!

Our team will provide you with installation instructions, or you can simply call and speak with one of our representatives at 954-906-8111. Mon-Fri 8:30 am / 5:00 pm est.

You can find your custom glass backsplash panels by visiting Our panels are available in different shapes, sizes, and back-painted modern solid colors. Tempered glass is durable and stained-resistant. Find yours today!

We look forward to making your bathroom look stellar!

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