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Glass Sheet backsplash is a glass panel that can be painted or printed to the color and design of your choice and installed on the walls in your kitchen or bathroom. They are commonly applied behind stove walls, in between kitchen countertops and cabinetry, and on bathroom shower walls

The main use of backsplashes is to protect the walls from water damage and food stain resulting from splatters. It can also be a way to hide old grout lines and add an exciting element of design to your home. The design helps to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom décor to the latest in global design trends.

Due to the material used, labor involved and full paint or print customization, glass sheet backsplash is often higher priced than tile backsplashes. However, the ease of maintenance makes it a huge upgrade over tile which requires regular cleaning and disinfection between tiles.

Yes. When measuring your walls we take in consideration the location of any electric outlets or corners that need to be cut out to fit your kitchen or bathroom design.

Yes! You can install our glass backsplash over tiles and any other surfaces provided that the tile or other surfaces are leveled.

Absolutely! Unlike the tile backsplash that requires a rigorous process, glass backsplash is easy to install if you follow the installation instructions properly. You may watch our installation video here. If you need phone support or prefer us to install it for you, please schedule a phone call and we will provide all the necessary support.

Like most glasses, glass backsplashes do not need any special form of cleaning. You mostly need a piece of cloth and water to maintain glass backsplashes – since they are non-porous and cannot retain water. However, if you notice any tough stain on your glass backsplash, you may need to apply some Windex and leave it for a few minutes before cleaning with water.

Bellissimo Colors offers at 5-year warranty on all of our glass backsplashes. Glass backsplashes are known to last for decades if properly installed with the right steps.

If you wish to order glass backsplash on Bellissimo Colors website, you first need to measure the relevant area in your kitchen, then hover around the “Shop” tab at the top of the website for a drop-down menu and select the type of backsplash you wish to order. Select the specifications, including the color, size, and the number, then add it to your cart. You can then hover around the cart icon at the top-right corner of the website and click on “CHECKOUT” to place an order.

If you need to consult with us for a premium custom design and color, simply Book an Appointment or Contact Us.

Yes, we have a gallery section for all our backsplashes. Simply hover your mouse cursor around the “Gallery” tab at the top of the website. Click on the relevant section from the options to see samples in that collection.

If, however, you need a premium custom glass backsplash, you may need to Book an Appointment or Contact Us.

The installation of a glass backsplash should not exceed 1 hour if the instructions are duly followed.

Yes, please! Bellissimo Colors own a special and lucrative machine that can print any HD design you desire. Please make sure the file you submit is a Vector file, 300BPI high resolution, with a max size of 100 MB. You may Book an Appointment with us or Contact Us to discuss your design.

No, The tempered glass is heat resistant. The heat from the stove (or any heat) does not affect the lifespan of our glass backsplash – neither will accidentally placing a hot pot against it affect it.

Yes, you may, and you should! Clearing the kitchen countertop will enable your installation process to go smoothly without any kitchen equipment interfering with your plan.

The cost goes by Square Foot and depends on the type of backsplash you need. We have the basic, elite, and premium backsplashes (custom-made). The prices of the basic and elite backsplashes can be accessed via the “Shop” tab at the top of the website. Premium backsplash which is fully customizable is dependent on many variables such as size, color, print design, number of cutouts, existing wall conditions and more. To learn more about the cost of our Premium backsplash, Please Book an Appointment with us or Contact Us.

At the moment, we offer free shipping throughout the US only.

We do not charge any shipping fees for orders within the United States.

It takes between 3 – 4 weeks to deliver your glass backsplash order. It is extended because all products are made to order.

No, glass backsplashes are not suitable for the floors.

Yes, glass backsplashes are in style and considered to be one of the fastest growing trends. Interior designers and architects love this product since it allows them to be very creative with their designs.

Please, give us a call or message us at +19549068111 and info@bellissimicolors.com, respectively, for professional support. We will walk you through everything and help you decide on what’s best for you.