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Glass Table Top

Be it in the office, kitchen, or living room, a table is typically the focal point of the room. It’s where you gather around with your colleagues, family, friends, and loved ones, and share and create great memories.

Ideally, the design of your table should tie the look of the entire room and be representative of just how special its purpose is. Luckily, Bellissimo Colors’ glass table tops allow you to do just that.

You can opt for rounder, square, or rectangle table tops and customize them with design best suited to your personal style. You may also choose from various types of glass, thickness, as well as edge styles and corners.

To make sure your new glass table top makes your space look as beautiful as you want it to, we use state-of-the-art digital high-resolution printing technology.

The end result will be a gorgeous, custom-made piece that you’ll proudly show off every chance you get.

Best Advice on Decorating with Glass Table Tops

If you’re looking to update your home, a glass tabletop is a great way to do it. Glass provides an elegant look that can transform any space into something truly special. Decorating your home with custom-made glass tables is a wonderful idea that you can use to turn your house into a home. These one of a kind pieces of furniture will certainly give your house that extra touch it needs to stand out from all the rest.

Here are some tips for choosing the best custom glass top, along with helpful suggestions on how Bellissimo Colors can help upgrade your space!

Why Decorate with a Glass Table Top?

In addition to adding some sparkle to your home, glass is extremely versatile and durable. It makes an attractive addition to any room as it reflects light and color without absorbing it. Custom-made glass tables are certainly the route to take if you want to give your house that extra bit of personality and elegance.

Custom glass tables come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and prices. You can choose from materials such as wood or metal or simply go for standard custom-made glass tables. The only thing you have to do is decide upon what kind of engravings you want on the surfaces and which materials you wish to have. Custom made glass tables can be designed with your interests in mind, allowing you to personalize them into a style that speaks to the type of person that you are.

Glass tables are a great way to add style and sophistication to your living room, bedroom, dining room or office. Although they may seem fragile, they can handle more than you think.

What to Look for in a Glass for a Table Top?

Types of Glass

A glass tabletop should be thoughtfully chosen, as it will affect the entire look and feel of the table. There are three primary types of glass that are commonly used for table tops.

Float: The cheapest type: very thin and fragile; not recommended for a table-top.

Safety or Heat Strengthened: Standard; may look like ordinary glass but it is more durable and can also withstand heat. Also called tempered or laminated.

Heat Soaked: The most expensive type; very durable and can withstand extreme temperatures (ie: cooktop, oven); only available as thick sheets, not standard sizes; named after the process used to make it (ie: thermal toughened).

Best Choice: Heat Soaked or Heat Strengthened, but it really depends on the look and feel you want to achieve. If you want a standard glass tabletop with the highest durability, choose heat strengthened. But if you prefer a thicker (1/4″), heavier, and more expensive glass top that looks and feels like a standard tabletop, choose heat soaked. It also depends on the type of table you have.

Types of Table Edges

The most common type of glass table edge is the slightly rounded edge which results in a very gentle curve or slope along the edge of the glass. This is usually achieved by heating glass slightly or using a process called flame polishing, which is done with polish and heat which results in a very smooth surface.

Another common type of glass table edge is beveled edges. To achieve this look, the glass worker first cuts off part of an edge to create a wider flat surface. This is then ground down in order to achieve the desired angle. It is possible to use machinery for this process, but most glass workers do this by hand because it produces better results.

Beveled edges are popular because they distribute stress evenly along the length of the glass table top. The final result is a triangular shaped piece of glass, which is much stronger than a piece with a rounded edge.

A less common type of glass table edge is one that features a split in the middle. The most common use for this type of edge is on coffee tables or other pieces that need to be very sturdy and resistant to damage from everyday use. Glass that has been split in the middle has a certain type of symmetry that makes it easy to put a base underneath. It’s also very hard to break because all fracture lines will go towards this same point, which spreads out the force and stress over a wider area. While these edges are not as common due to their complexity, they have been increasing in popularity recently because they are so unique. They also require a lot of skill to be made, so this may account for some of their rising popularity in the market.

How Do You Care for a Glass Table Top?

A glass table top is a great addition to any room, especially if it features unique or intricate detail work that cannot be found on other types of tables. These tables should be properly cared for so the glass does not become dull over time, making it hard to see and frustrating to use. While there are many ways to clean a glass table top, one of the best ways is with vinegar and distilled water since both products are safe and won’t leave any chemicals behind to damage the surface of the glass.


Decorating with custom glass table tops are a great way to add your own personal touch and design flair to your home. Call Bellissimo Colors today for more information on how we can create the perfect custom piece of glass furniture just for you!

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