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How to Match Glass Backsplash to Your Kitchen Design

Wooden kitchen and dining room glass backsplash

You have finalized your new cabinets, countertops appliances, and paint. Your flooring and fixtures are ready. Your new kitchen design is coming together nicely; the only thing missing is a glass backsplash to complement your kitchen.

Often overlooked during the design phase, a well-matched glass backsplash is the masterpiece of any kitchen. No longer just used to protect walls from splatters and grease stains, glass backsplash is a homeowner’s chance to add color and creativity to their culinary heaven.

Choosing complementing décor elements like a backsplash is similar to dressing yourself every morning. Do you opt for light and airy shades, or dark and opulent feels? Do you love dramatic patterns or serene hues? Are you looking for a serious look or something whimsical? Should you match nearby materials, or not? Matching backsplashes to countertops is a subjective topic. What matches for one person may not appeal to another.

The kitchen décor is a place to showcase your personality. You can match your glass backsplash to your kitchen design by following one of the below-given approaches.

Matching vs. Contrast

white-kitchen with glass backsplash

If you are aiming at creating a peaceful uniform look, sticking to a color pallet throughout your kitchen is a good option. This is typically accomplished if you choose simple, neutral colors for both your countertops and backsplash. This trend can be seen these days in an all-white kitchen showcasing white countertops, a white glass backsplash, and cabinets.

On the other hand, if you wish to highlight a particular part of your kitchen décor, contrasting is for you. In case you have selected countertops with bold designs or dark colors, choosing calm patterns and colors for your backsplash will help you highlight your counters. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a countertop that is neutral or flat in appearance. Here you can be more creative with your backsplash and go for ones in bold colors or with patterns and textures.

Organic Patterns vs. Geometric Shapes

Wood dining room organic shapes glass backsplash


Organic shapes have a natural look and a flowing and curving appearance, while Geometric shapes are rectangles, squares, triangles and so on. Selecting between the two options should be influenced by the current design of your kitchen. Does your kitchen flooring have square tiles or natural wood planks? Do you have decorative wall-paper with patterns or shapes? Is your kitchen table round, rectangle or square? How do the lighting fixtures in your kitchen look like? Keep looking around until you have a better understanding of the existing kitchen design and know what will work best.

Wooden kitchen and dining room Geometric patterns glass backsplash

Abstract & Images

The easiest way to spice up your kitchen design is by adding some patterns or Images. This works well for homeowners who are remodeling the kitchen and not designing it from scratch. If you plan on reusing the countertop and still want to uplift the feel of your kitchen, installing a bold glass backsplash is your best bet.
Glass backsplash comes in an unlimited range of designs, patterns, shapes, colors and images. Installing a new backsplash will shift the focus from your countertop and give a completely different feel to your kitchen.

Buildings on kitchen glass backsplash

While selecting the perfect glass backsplash can be challenging, we are here to help you make the right choice. We can design backsplashes in all colors, patterns, shapes and stunning photography. Our fully customizable backsplash colors and designs will make it easy for you to match them with your kitchen design.

Showcase your creativity and personality in your kitchen design. When choosing elements for your kitchen, you need to maintain a balance between your desire for drama and your need to improve your home’s resale value. Don’t be afraid to mix and match boldly. The options we offer are endless, and we hope you enjoy the process as much as the result.

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