Installing Instructions

Step 1) Place the glass on a soft blanket, paint side up.

Step 2) Add the silicone to the white-painted side in 1” inch circles away from the edges covering much of the glass.

Step 3) Make sure you install the glass from the bottom and then push upwards for an easier fit.

Step 4) Once the glass is in position the installer should hold in place by pressing on glass for about 3 to 4 minutes, which will allow the silicone to settle.

Step 5) Once you have completed step 4, apply the painter’s tape (Blue) on all corners of the glass and anywhere else you feel may be needed.

Step 6) Leave the painters tape on the glass for 72 hrs before removing. This will give the silicone the time to cure.

Once the 72 hrs. have passed, you are now able to clean the glass with a cloth rag using Windex.

Things you will need:

Latex gloves.

Painters tape (Blue).

And the silicone.

Caulking Gun

Note: Make sure your wall is level!

The glass must sit on a sturdy base to hold and keep from sliding down.

Enjoy your kitchen artwork by Bellissimo Colors.

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