Glass Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplashes are one of the most important protective and decorative features in your kitchen. Custom backsplash only do they protect your walls from stovetop burns and discoloration from fats and oils, but they also add colors and design to one of the most lively rooms in your home.

Bellissimo Colors Glass Kitchen Backsplashes are highly durable and the design choices are literally endless! Our Glass Backsplash makes it easy for you to transform your kitchen into a work of art.

Printed kitchen backsplashes are completely customizable! The choices or endless; from family images, coastal beaches, country landscapes, abstract designs, and anything you like. Our printing quality is held to the highest industry standards.

Printed Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Bellissimo Colors Glass Backsplashes are designed at our Coral Springs factory where our professional teams control every step of the process; from measuring, production and installation. We also offer industry-best warranties of up to 5 years*. Choose from our 50+ unique range of designs, or customize your own personal backsplash design with the help of our professional designers. Don’t wait too long; start your kitchen upgrade today with Bellissimo Colors! Now shipping to all 50 states!

Why Choose Printed Glass Kitchen Backsplash?

      • Easy to clean
      • Makes maintenance a breeze
      • Heat resistant and toughened
      • No dirty grout lines
      • Endless design options
      • Printed glass creates a work of art
      • Ultra reflective surface giving your space greater depth
      • Absolutely versatile for all areas

Why Choose Bellissimo Colors?

      • Fully customized printed kitchen backsplash designs
      • Over 70 available designs
      • Experts can assist you in picking your glass backsplash
      • Most glass backsplashes are installed within 1 hour
      • 5-year warranty*
      • Serving all states
      • Natural materials and eco-friendly product
      • Safe, non-chemical materials
Decorative glass surfaces are impressive and environmentally friendly products.
Glass is made from sand, a natural and raw product, that will not deteriorate, break down or compromise the environment.
The back of our decorative printed glass backsplashes are finished with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coating that will protect the printed image. The printing ink and protective coating are water based and are not solvent based.
Our products are truly eco-friendly.

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