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Glass Wall Art

The walls of your home serve as a blank canvas to display art that is close to your heart.  Whether it is modern art, pop art, traditional or abstract art, you can convey your personality with a magnificent piece of glass art that will transform the feel of an entire room.  Bellissimo Colors provide incredible frameless, free-floating, back-printed glass wall art that can be hung on any wall.  Our state-of-the-art digital high-resolution printing is designed to enhance depth and colors, unlike conventional commercial glass.  The art pieces come pre-installed with steel hangers that make it simple to mount on the wall.

Since every piece is custom-made, you can choose wall art that reflects your design style to create a cohesive feel with the other elements in your home. No matter which style you choose, you’ll have a blast transforming your bare walls into something beautiful.

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Decorating your home or office using art is a great way to create a space that feels beautiful, useful and comforting. A well-decorated space based on your individual tastes helps create the perfect mood for you to get into the zone, relax, or just be yourself.

One effortless way to quickly personalize your space is with wall art, especially using glass wall art. Read on to learn more about glass wall art, how to choose it for your decor, and how you can get your hands on quality, custom pieces to really personalize your spaces.

Decorating with glass is a unique and sophisticated way to enhance the decor of your home or office space, bringing your bare walls to life. Glass art in general has a rich history, with early glass pieces like pitchers and goblets dating back to the Roman Empire. These early skills and techniques paved the way for the development of modern glass art designs.

Glass wall art is as straightforward as it sounds—glass art designed specifically as wall decor.

Choosing glass wall art for your decor may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t really have to be. You can generally follow the same concepts as you would for choosing typical wall art.

You can choose colors to match your decor, even if the hue or shade varies a bit. But if you intentionally want to bring contrast to the room, choose glass wall art with a color that is completely opposite of the primary one in your decor.

If you have a large space to fill, you should look for a larger piece of art. Small art pieces will seem lost and out of place in a large space. You can keep these smaller pieces for areas between windows, or between a window and door.

To balance wall decor, remember the center of the image should be at eye level. We often end up hanging our wall art much too high above our furniture. When hanging several pieces of art, consider placing heavy pieces on the bottom and to the left since this is the first place your guests’ eyes will land when first looking at your wall.

If you have pieces of several different sizes, arrange the largest, heaviest piece as the focal point.

Before deciding on which wall art to get, first remember that art is an expression of yourself. You should look for pieces that resonate with your tastes and then consider whether those pieces either complement or bring interesting contrast to your space.

Your living room is the most visible space in your home. So it makes sense if you really want to make an impact, that’s where you would have the largest piece or gallery of pieces. You can use a large statement piece if you have a large room with at least one large bare wall, or a gallery of smaller items.

The best place to put wall art in your bedroom is typically on the wall above the bed or directly across from it. You have even more flexibility to select art in your private rooms, so don’t be afraid to get creative or think outside the box with ideas for glass wall art in these spaces.

The benefits of getting glass wall art for the bathroom is that glass doesn’t get water damage like some other types of wall decor. When choosing wall art for your bathroom, think about what type of feeling you want the space to have. Favorite bathroom decor includes beach-themed art, or wall art with soft, warm colors and patterns.

A hallway is an excellent space to use for creating a full gallery wall. Here, you can collect both large and small pieces to strategically place across the area. You can also use an oversized glass wall art piece with contrasting colors to really stand out.

Glass wall art can range anywhere from $80 to $600, depending on the size and design of the piece. To prepare to decorate your home with wall art, it helps to have an idea of how many pieces you’d like, and how much you’re willing to invest at one time.

You also don’t have to build your entire gallery overnight. Instead, start with strategically placed pieces you can expand at your own pace.

Glass wall art takes special skill, equipment, and time to create. Still, smaller pieces are pretty affordable. The price of wall art does increase with size and design, but quite reasonably so when you consider the durability and beauty of glass art.

At Bellissimo, all of our pieces are custom-made. Contact us so we can determine what you’re looking for. We can help you find ideas that fall within your budget.

You can display your glass wall art in more than one way. You can choose to hang it on the wall, or you can lean it on a level surface onto a wall. Both are completely acceptable ways to display most pieces of art.

Large walls should have large oversize pieces, or a gallery of wall art. Smaller spaces do better with small pieces, or a smaller gallery. Typically, you should hang large pieces of art above large, low pieces of furniture (like sofas and beds) and on large, bare walls.

Our Bellissimo wall art comes with a steel hanger to make it easy for you to just hang and go. Before hanging your art, one trick is to cut paper in the size of the frames and practice several different arrangements of the pieces before you commit to a layout. You can also possibly leave a favorite and revisit it another day before finalizing your decision.

There are several ways to hang glass wall art. You can use command strips if you’d prefer not to drill holes into your wall, and also want the art to be completely flush to the wall. Just make sure to purchase the correct strip sizes with the proper weight limits to support your wall art.

You can also use command hooks or nail strips, particularly for heavier pieces, and again paying attention to recommended weight limits. You can use more than one hook to increase the weight of the piece you want to hang. Whatever you do, make sure to follow the directions closely to avoid mishaps using these methods.

The best part about decorating your home is creating a unique environment in line with your individual tastes. A great way to express your artistic side in your home is by looking for unique or unusual glass wall art pieces.

Some of the most interesting glass wall art typically tends to be abstract art composed of an interesting array of colors, patterns, or shapes. So looking for glass wall art inspired by this type of art is a great place to start.

An even better option is to consider creating custom wall art based on an image you have or created yourself. This is a great way to really personalize your art, creating a piece of decor with meaning and deeper value that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

You can find glass wall art by doing a search at stores in your area. If you’re looking for a unique piece, keep in mind that this is impossible to do when looking at bigger stores, which stock and sell the same pieces en masse. For more unique options, check out smaller, locally-owned stores in your area.

Another great option for finding wall art is to search online. A simple search for glass wall art will bring up images of beautiful designs. You should always use safe practices when purchasing online, reading reviews, using reputable sites, and more. And remember that “popular” pieces are likely on the walls of many homes, which is fine if that’s not something you think about when decorating.

Getting custom glass wall art is a great way to add a unique and interesting aspect to your indoor decor. At Bellissimo Colors, we use high resolution digital printing to create glass wall art with enhanced depth and color. Your custom wall art will be frameless and backless with a preinstall hanger, ready to hang on any wall as soon as you’re ready.

Custom glass wall art is a great way to liven up bare walls in a very personalized way. We’re here to help you transform your decor. Contact us and watch your vision come to life.

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