Top 10 Backsplash Ideas in 2020

From eye-catching and colorful to simple and clean, a kitchen backsplash can help you express your personality and style. Get inspired by these 10 amazing ideas.

Forest Glass Backsplash

Forest Glass Backsplash

If you are anything like me, you love the process of looking for new backsplash ideas to revamp your kitchen functionality and design. The most recent trend among top Architecture and Interior Design firms is custom glass backsplash which allows them to experiment with their design sense and creat mesmerizing masterpieces. The primary purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall from cooking oil and hot liquids that can stain and damage the wall. The kitchen backsplash also serves as the centerpiece that gives your kitchen personality and style.

From clean and minimalist to cozy, colorful and modern, there are endless designs to choose from. Backsplashes can span the entire wall, they can be a pop behind the range, or they can cover the area between the countertops and cabinets. If you are having a hard time deciding on a design, or simply want inspiration, the 10 kitchen backsplash design ideas below will help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Light Green Forest Glass Backsplash

Forest Glass Backsplash

Nature scenes are a growing backsplash trend for good reason, and this is one of our favorites. You can see how it creates a peaceful setting above. These calming aspens provide your kitchen with soothing yellows and greens, as well as intricate texture.

The depth of the image gives the illusion of generous space, filling the eye with plenty of visual interest. Its overall effect works like a window into your getaway from the grind of daily life.

Because of the deceptively wide range of color, it’s also a design that will fit in with more kitchen interiors than one might guess at first glance. This kicks off our list for its perfect execution of the nature-based backsplash.

2. Grass on White Background Glass Backsplash

Grass on White Background Backsplash

Another nature scene, this time a little closer up. The graphical quality of the image helps to blend it into the kitchen as a whole. It’s not as bold as some other choices on our list, but that can be a very good thing.

By focusing in, this glass backsplash apps a pop of color and a hint of nature without dominating the space. Instead, this design goes for a more abstract view of nature. And by employing a white background, it has a more workable overall look.

For those looking to add a spark of nature without delving into the full panoramic images that are so popular today, this is the perfect middle ground.


3. Yellow Sunset Glass Backsplash

Yellow Sunset Glass Backsplash

Yellow Sunset Glass Backsplash

This magnificent view of a beachside sunset makes a real statement. Kitchen backsplash trends in 2020 have brought back some great interior design motifs from decades past, and sunset gradients are a big part of that.

The warming tones make it stand out in our list. While most kitchens sit in neutral or cool colors, these burning yellows and oranges add a sumptuous feeling.

Bringing the serenity of this scene into your kitchen is sure to support the loving, happy space where you feed your family.


4. Green Northern Lights Glass Backsplash

Printed glass backsplash

There are few natural phenomena more captivating than the Northern Lights. Maybe you have seen them on your vacation in Alaska or from your own backyard, or maybe it remains an underlined item on your bucket list. Whichever one, this backsplash brings that majesty to your kitchen.

The strong neon green highlights run in a mysterious ribbon in the sky above a jagged line of mountains barely peeking over the countertop. The image is spectacular and aspirational, something to enliven your cooking area.

If you are looking for backsplash ideas that wake up your senses (and sense of adventure), this is a great way to go.


5. Red Poppy Flowers Glass Backsplash

This beautiful, almost haunting backsplash design brings fine art photography to your kitchen while maintaining a clean look. The white background dominates the space, sure to match many cooking spaces, but the red petals of the poppies elevate the style.

The delicacy of the image brings this glass backsplash idea into its own. The compelling features of the flowers make them interesting, but there is care taken to give each poppy space.

This chic design brings together agreeable colors and striking photography. It’s sure to sing in harmony with many fashion-forward kitchens.


6. Abstract Wood Texture Glass Backsplash

Abstruct Texture backsplash

Bold and masculine, yet tasteful, this design swirls and jags in chocolate browns over a creamy white. The rich palette and satisfying image combine to make a statement that is sure to stay relevant for decades to come.

The classic approach harkens back to traditional motifs, but the strong dual tone image brings an abstract quality that sets it apart from anything that’s come before.

As a backsplash choice, this really rides the line between the past and future, bringing the best of both to your kitchen. It takes the familiar texture of wood grain and rethinks its limits — the sign of impeccable design.

7. Blowing Grass on Blue Background Glass Backsplash

Grass on Blue Background Backsplash

While there are plenty of nature scenes on this list, none provide the balanced energy of wind blown grass. It’s a simple depiction of action, the blades dipping in a breeze. That restraint helps the backsplash retain a universal appeal as it introduces some action into the design.

Working again with green and blue, this backsplash merges the subdued colors with its arcing diagonal lines — accomplishing a lot with the subject matter.

This is a great choice for a kitchen that is the center of the home, full of daily chatter and evening entertainment.

8. Tropical Light Blue Ocean With Flowers Glass Backsplash

Printed Glass Kitchen Backsplash

This backsplash idea is a fantasy coming to life above your countertop. The variety of tropical colors and the romantic twist of a bird in flight bring you to your dream destination.

As seen pictured above, the colors can create a splash in an otherwise modest kitchen, bringing the room to life.

It’s bold and it’s specific, but that’s exactly why we love it. This statement piece will definitely make your kitchen’s interior design into a memorable one!

9.Wood Grain Glass Backsplash

Wood like glass Backsplash

Wood grain again, but this time with an even greater sense of tradition. A timeless classic that will never go out of style, it’s a backsplash design that will remain handsome and tasteful forever. That permanence is part of the charm.

The enduring neutral tones match most traditional kitchen designs and pair exceptionally well with white. It isn’t a trendy choice, but its sophistication recommends it for our list. This is an option that steers clear of passing fads with its sense of security and craftsmanship.

It won’t make a statement like the beach scenes, but a wood grain backsplash does hold its own in almost any context.

10. City Skyline Glass Backsplash

This urban motif brings energy and spontaneity to your kitchen. The night time scene lends glamor, and the sepia tones help the image play well with a wide range of countertops, cabinets and appliances.

This backsplash idea also adds a sense of depth, relaxing the space and giving it greater scope. The city skyline can work exceptionally well with industrial and loft-style kitchens, but as seen above, it can excel in a clean, modern setting, too.


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