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I had a tempered backsplash put in which came out looking great. From start to finish Bellissimo Colors was a great experience. Highly recommended!



Outstanding company! High-quality work, excellent communication, and highly knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Thank you!



 Impressive service and exceptional results! My kitchen looks amazing! From start to finish, the team displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise.

$100.00 / SqFt

In the realm of kitchen aesthetics, one element stands out for its sheer elegance and functionality – the glass backsplash. As we delve into the world of interior design, let’s unravel the charm and practicality that glass backsplashes bring to the heart of every home – the kitchen.

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Bellissimo Colors’ panels can be customized to suit your unique space requirements.
We can match Sheriman Williams and Benjamin Moore colors over 24 square feet of projects.
All of our custom-designed glass thickness is 1/4".
Call now to speak with our sales team at 1-754-317-1987 if you need further assistance.

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Bellissimo Colors

Customized Decor

Bellissimo Colors LLC: Elevating Spaces with Customized Decor Surfaces in Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Metal, and Laminated Decorated Glass! Welcome to Bellissimo Colors LLC, your premier destination for bespoke decor surfaces that transcend the ordinary. We specialize in the art of crafting personalized designs across a diverse range of materials, including glass, acrylic, wood, metal, and the exquisite touch of laminated, decorated glass, bringing a new level of sophistication to your spaces.

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Bellissimo Colors LLC was established in the USA, Florida, in 2018.
All items that are produced in the US should have a mark that states "Produced in USA."