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In the realm of kitchen aesthetics, one element stands out for its sheer elegance and functionality – the glass backsplash. As we delve into the world of interior design, let’s unravel the charm and practicality that glass backsplashes bring to the heart of every home – the kitchen.

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Custom Glass Backsplash

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Perfect Décor Choice

Custom glass backsplash panels are the new kitchen and bathroom décor trend. Homeowners in the American and European markets have already given a big thumbs-up to this elegant, fuss-free, and modern look. Glass panels are the perfect home décor choice. They look great and are practical too.

Bellissimo Colors’ panels can be customized to suit your unique space requirements. And who doesn’t like custom fits? No wonder personalized glass backsplash panels are finding their way onto walls around the globe! If you are late to the trend, then here is your chance to get ahead of the curve. Buckle up!

What is a Glass Backsplash Panel?

A glass backsplash panel is a high-quality and sturdy glass panel that typically features a color or a design on it. The fundamental simplicity of these panels makes them easy to use, easy to clean, and durable.

A glass backsplash panel is a clever way to hide old grout lines and add an exciting design element to your home. It upgrades your kitchen and bathroom décor to the latest in global design trends!

How It Works

We Know You Will Love These Panels

Simply Stunning

The brights and elegant look of the Bellissimo Colors’ glass panels in kitchens and bathrooms really opens up the room. Every time you walk in, it’s like you are walking into a space with character; it’s far from the mundane. It creates a look that is truly splendid.


Some concerns may arise: What if you find a crack after the installation, or you accidentally break the glass while using? 

Don’t fret. The glass backsplash panels are constructed with these concerns in mind. They are sturdy, easy-to-install, and remarkably durable. They work as well, if not better, than tile. Bellissimo Colors’ panels are easy to clean and hygienic, making them ideal for home kitchen remodeling and bathroom upgrades.

Amplified Light Effects

Lighting can completely change the vibe of a space. And installing glass backsplash panels accentuates the effect of lighting. The glass surface reflects even the little amount of light it receives back into the room. It makes the space brighter and amplifies the volume of a room to look even bigger than it is.

The Custom Possibilities

Bellissimo Colors’ glass backsplash offers endless possibilities for you to play with. Instead of going for a single sheet in a block color, you can let your imagination run wild and bring out interesting designs, custom cuts, patterns, and more, creating a custom cut glass piece of art.

Glass Backsplash Will Transform Your Home!

Look Sleek & Modern

Installing a glass backsplash is the newest trend to ride on. It is the quickest and most affordable way to make your kitchens and bathrooms instantly look sleek and contemporary.

Always in Top Shape

Once you install Bellissimo Colors’ glass backsplash in your home, cleaning will become a breeze. Unlike tiles (which take forever to clean and use a lot of solutions), glass is easy to wipe clean. The panels are heat and scratch-resistant; you won’t have to endure the unseemly grout lines or worry about splash marks either. Your kitchen will look as beautiful as can be at all times.

Make It Your Own

Living rooms are for guests, but spaces like kitchens and bathrooms are intimate. These are the parts of your home where you spend time every day, so they should resonate with you. With so many customizations possible, Bellissimo Colors’ glass backsplash panels offer you everything you need to create a space that’s uniquely yours.

The Custom Possibilities

Bellissimo Colors’ glass backsplash offers endless possibilities for you to play with. Instead of going for a single sheet in a block color, you can let your imagination run wild and bring out interesting designs, custom cuts, patterns, and more, creating a custom cut glass piece of art.

Elevating Furnished Rentals with Glass Backsplash

Integrating custom glass backsplashes in furnished rentals is an ingenious way to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of these living spaces. As the demand for furnished rentals continues to rise, property owners and landlords are seeking innovative ways to set their offerings apart from the competition. A custom glass backsplash not only adds a touch of elegance but also opens up the illusion of space, making even the smallest of rentals feel more expansive and inviting.

Free Custom Backsplash Consultation

Give Us a Call

If you have any questions or a custom request, you can schedule a free consultation with Bellissimo Colors. In our call, we will go over the below.

Picking Out the Design

A good place to start is the design of the glass backsplash panel. The basic option is a solid color. A solid glass backsplash easily blends with the rest of the home décor and is a safe choice. Solid colors also make your space look bigger. Alternatively, you can go for a custom-painted glass backsplash in any design you want. Sync with design elements from the rest of your home to make it unique, beautiful, and unmistakably yours.

Wall Measurements

Once you are set on the design you want, we move to accurately measuring the wall where the new glass panel will be installed. You can either measure it yourself, or we can set up an appointment and will measure it for you.

Custom Cutouts

Any and every kind of customization that you need with your glass backsplash panels can be done. You can get a panel cut to fit any shape, regardless of the design of your kitchen. These cutouts are usually made to fit electric outlets, cabinetry, hoods, or other typical elements of the kitchen or bathroom design. The final product fits your space like a glove.

Delivery & Installation

Once the specifics of the glass panel have been decided, Bellissimo Colors requires 3-4 weeks from the time of purchase to delivering it to your doorstep. Custom Glass backsplash installation is easy, and it is made even more convenient with our accompanying instruction guide and demo video. If you would like us to install it, we will be more then happy to do so. 

Special Pricing

In our call, we will go over the variables that determine the price. For our first time customers, we have a special discount of up to 25% off.

Give your kitchen and bathrooms the ultimate makeover, minus the hassle. Call Bellissimo Colors for a FREE consultation.

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