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About Bellissimo Colors

We are leading the digital print-on-glass backsplash trend. Bellissimo Colors designs and installs magnificent, colorful, and fully customizable printed solid glass surfaces for a wide variety of decorative applications. We provide full service including consultations, design, print and installation of glass backsplash. And we ship to all 50 states!

Our design team is highly creative and full of inspiration, and our design and installation team is efficient and reliable. Before production, we will provide the customer with a sample. As soon as the client approves the sample, our production team will produce the complete order promptly, deliver to the site, and install accordingly. Our glass backsplash can be installed on top of any flat surface. Including your old tile!

Step 1

First Step

Pick from 50+ unique designs of landscapes, skylines, abstract figures, and more for your decorative application. We also provide fully customized designs that are guaranteed to match your taste and meet your requirements – simply consult with our talented design team and they will help you get the best decorative glass surfaces.

Step 2

Second Step

We finalize the digital design of your work and send it to your e-mail address for your confirmation. Once that’s done, we’ll start printing and manufacturing the glass surfaces and deliver them to you.

Step 3

Third Step

Our manufacturing and installation team will deliver the glass surfaces to your home or business and install it. Most household installations take up to one hour, and business installations vary depending on order type.