Glass Bathroom Backsplash

Slick, eye-pleasing, and fully customizable glass bathroom backsplash is the peak design option for any bathroom.

A clean bathroom is something every household thrives for but over time can be hard to achieve. After a while, the grout starts accumulating between the tiles, and before you know it you are on your knees trying to scrub out all that mold. A printed glass bathroom backsplash is the solution. Not only is the glass incredibly easy to clean, but the wide range of designs will also allow you to give your bathroom that unique combination of color and style.

Glass Bathroom Backsplash












Why Choose a Glass Bathroom Backsplash?

      • Stunning and eye-catching pieces
      • Endless design options
      • Ultra reflective surface giving your space greater depth
      • Absolutely versatile for all areas
      • Extremely easy to clean
      • Experts can assist you in picking your glass backsplash
      • Natural materials and eco friendly product
      • Maintenance is a breeze

Glass Surfaces - Impressive & Environmentally Friendly

Glass is made from sand, a natural and raw product, that will not deteriorate, break down or compromise the environment.
The back of our decorative printed glass backsplashes are finished with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coating that will protect the printed image. The printing ink and protective coating are water based and are not solvent based.



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