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4 Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Pastel Marble

Kitchen backsplashes usually fall under the “functional” category when designing a kitchen. With the evolution of the kitchen, backsplashes have taken a life of their own. Today, they come in beautiful glass materials and with designs that rekindle the chef in you. 

Kitchen backsplashes are not just your protection against oil splatter or water splashes anymore. They are beautiful, intricate, and artful pieces that make you feel calm after a stressful day, inspired to throw a feast to your friends, or excited to make a lazy Sunday brunch with your partner.

Here are 4 extraordinary kitchen glass backsplash ideas to stoke your creativity.

Floral Elegance

Plum Blossom

Well-executed floral designs can instantly make a space feel alive. They brighten the room and make the outdoors reach into the indoors. They are just what you need when you have a hard day at work and all you want to do is have some private time with yourself and a glass of wine. Looking at the gorgeous floral glass backsplash with a relaxing and beautiful pattern is just the view you need at that time.

Family Time

primary white Word Collage Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash can become the perfect backdrop to family meetings and meals. The values on word collages reiterate the significance of being a good human being and that of family. It is almost peaceful to read those words everyday and know that you have created a home that is warm and full of good memories. Every day, those words will remind you how lucky and loved you are.

Contemporary Touch

Pastel Marble

How about giving a contemporary touch to your kitchen glass backsplash?

Any modern kitchen is incomplete without an abstract piece. Glass splashes today hold such aesthetic and depth that they are akin to glass paintings. Whether you are looking for a splash of color in your kitchen, an abstract art piece to make the space more interesting, or something else, these contemporary pieces are the answers. These are just what your kitchen, nestled in a modern home, requires – a touch of contemporary art.

The Minimalist’s Choice


When you are planning a kitchen that has a lot going on, you don’t want a glass backsplash to add to the chaos. You want a simple, unicolor, and solid piece that accentuates the rest of the elements of the kitchen. It offers them the perfect backdrop and allows them to shine. Since it’s a minimalist approach, the choice of color is critical. While you can pick the color you like, pastels are in trend and make for a stunning kitchen glass backsplash.

The Right Choice For Your Favorite Corner

Bellisimo Colors specializes in kitchen glass backsplash that can make your kitchen makeover dreams come true. They have a glass backsplash for every type of kitchen – whether it’s modern, rustic, or minimalist. Their tempered, heat-&-scratch-resistant glass protects your tiles from damage. At the same time, the high-grade glass and expert workmanship deliver a product that makes all your kitchen makeover dreams come true. Bellissimo Colors are the kitchen glass backsplash experts you cannot afford to overlook.

Find the perfect kitchen glass backsplash for your dream kitchen here.

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