Fed up of cooking and staining your walls? Looking for a smart and practical way to create a cleaner kitchen? Installing a Glass Kitchen Backsplash could be just what your kitchen needs!

Where did that dirt come from?

Hygienic and easy to clean where dirt, grease and mold are hard to remove, the smooth and shiny glass means you don’t need to worry about any stubborn stains. No matter the style, shape or color combination, the glass used for the backsplashes suits all kitchen styles. The simplicity of the glass means making spaces brighter and seemingly larger not to mention protecting those walls from splats, splashes and spills!

From the outset, glass can seem more costly than say, installing ceramic tiles but the pros sure outweigh the cons. Glass is specifically designed to safeguard your walls so you can get as creative with your cooking as you dare in the kitchen. Tailored to suit your style by adding an element of excitement to your wall, these glass backsplashes can vary in design so your kitchen can have that accent wall to refresh and revitalize the most popular room in the house. If you’re adding a splash—make it a splash of color on your glass backsplash.

Advantages of a Glass Kitchen Backsplash

  • Glass brightens a space and makes it seem larger
  • A glass backsplash doesn’t discolor with time, use or washing
  • It is naturally antibacterial and simple to clean
  • Tempered glass is very tough and heat resistant up to 750°F
  • Glass can be customized and cut into just about any shape needed

My sister loves to make Italian food. My mother still remembers the time she splattered spaghetti sauce all over her new, white brick wall. Twenty years later and she’s still talking about it! Give your mom something else to talk about and call about a glass backsplash today!

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